How does it work?

Once you create your FREE ACCOUNT, watch your inbox for an email the Friday before your scheduled delivery which will let you know your box is now ready for subs and adds.  Log in to your account, make any substitutions (it's easy and fun), add anything additional you would like and we will deliver the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

How do I make substitutions?

It's easy and fun to customize your box just how you like it. Click here to play around with a demo box and see how it's done.

When do you deliver? Do I have to be home?

We deliver on Tuesdays and Wednesdays depending upon your zip code. Your welcome email will let you know which day you will receive delivery and we send a reminder email the night before every delivery so you won't forget us!

We will leave your box of produce at your door in your cooler that you leave out for us. When you sign up, you can tell us exactly where to deliver the box. That could be a side entrance, hidden behind a fence, or even to the treehouse.  We ask that you leave a large cooler outside with ice packs or a few frozen bottles of water.  You don't even have to be home. It's that easy!  And you have a nice box of Organic Produce waiting for you when you get home.

Do you use Organic Produce?


We are committed to supporting our local farmers here in Sarasota and surrounding areas. Everything we put in your box is Organic or Organically Certified in the country it was grown. But we even take it a step further by "knowing your farmer". Organics can be tricky and the only way to know what you're eating is to truly investigate who is growing your food and have the ability to inspect the process. We endeavor to find the finest Natural Organic and locally grown Organic produce available for you. 

How do I pay? Do you accept cash or checks?

We only accept credit or debit cards. We will bill your credit (or debit) card the evening before your delivery. 

Where do I tell you what produce I like and don't like?

Log in to your account and click on 'Favorites' on the side menu. We've developed a super simple, totally awesome way for you to tell us your likes. Then when we create your order for the next delivery, we look at that list and make adjustments to your menu so there's nothing on it that you don't like.

What if I hate it? What if I get sad droopy produce?

These fears are normal.  But trust us, We understand and acknowledge these trepidations. That's why we offer a money back 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  Hate it? Sad Sneaky Crappy Produce?  Let us know and we will refund or replace. We promise. 

Can I give the box back to you?

Yes! We try to reuse or recycle everything possible, so please leave your box out for your driver to pick up on your next delivery day. If it's still in good condition, we can use it again, and if not we will recycle it.