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Grass-Fed Beef

How to COOK Grass-Fed Beef:
It can not be cooked more than Medium.
Season well, sear on high heat (both sides) and finish cooking on low indirect heat (if grilling only use the flame from half the grill, and once seared move to the side that is not on)
Cook Ribeyes in a cast iron, searing them and finishing them in the oven on a pan at 200 degrees until rare (125 degrees) can take up to 10 min. 
Why Grass-Fed Beef?  
Grassfed meat has about the same amount of fat as skinless chicken or wild deer.  When meat is this lean, it actually lowers your LDL cholesterol levels. It also has about 100 calories per serving compared to grain-fed beef. It is also  low in “bad” fat (including saturated fat), it gives you from two to six times more of a type of “good” fat called “omega-3 fatty acids, which have been know to reduce the risk of cancer, in addition, the meat and milk from grassfed ruminants are the richest known source of another type of good fat called “conjugated linoleic acid” or CLA. When ruminants are raised on fresh pasture alone, their milk and meat contain as much as five times more CLA than products from animals fed conventional diets. CLA may be one of our most potent defenses against cancer. 

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