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You wouldn't give your children candy as a treat every day, so why are so many doggie treats filled with "fillers" and "sugars". Our doggie treats are filled with things that will benefit your dog's health.  

THE ORGANIC HYPOALLERGENIC POWER BONE DOGGIE TREAT!!! These treats are loaded with super foods for your four-legged friend and made specifically to increase the health of your canine companion. They are grain free, meat free, dairy free and have no corn or soy and are loaded with all organic ingredients that will benefit your best friend.

ORGANIC COCONUT FLOUR, ORGANIC COCONUT OIL: Gluten free and contains lauric acid which boosts the immune response, improves digestion, thyroid function, metabolic mechanisms and provides a natural defense against bacterial, viral, pathogenic and fungal infections. Extremely healthy for the heart as well as the skin and coat. ORGANIC PEANUT BUTTER: No sugar, no salt, just roasted peanuts full of healthy fats, vitamins, and protein.

ORGANIC APPLES AND ORGANIC PUMPKIN: High in fiber and Vitamin A, helpful for any digestive issues

ORGANIC FLAXSEED MEAL: Contains lignans, known for its anti-inflammatory effect as well as anticancer and antifungal properties. High in antioxidants, lowers cortisol, regulates the urinary system and helpful with arthritis, allergies and skin conditions.

ORGANIC TUMERIC: Natural pain reliever, high in antioxidants and has anti-cancer properties by inhibiting tumor growth, aids with digestion, gas and bloating, antibacterial, antiseptic, aids in fat metabolism and weight management, kills parasites, prevents cataracts, aids in epilepsy treatment as well as allergies.

ORGANIC WHEAT GRASS: Detoxifies the body, has anti-cancer benefits, anti-inflammatory, provides stamina and energy, deodorizes the body, delays signs of aging, helps maintain optimal weight, rejuvenates the liver, cleanses the blood and improves circulation.

ORGANIC HONEY: Antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal, helpful with allergies as well as skin conditions and allergies. These superfood bones are baked fresh locally each

Add them to your box every week and watch how excited your dog gets on delivery day!  Just like you do!!

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