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Located in Sarasota, Florida, Organic Awakening was created by husband and wife team, Randi & Chris Best-Kaye to help people create better bodies through better food.

Inspired by their personal healing journeys and shifts to experience a thriving state of being, the couple is a living example of what’s possible through a dedication to a delicious, clean diet.

 Randi, a student of nutrition and homeopathy, was diagnosed with Breast Cancer twice and concentrated on natural clean foods in order to overcome incredible challenges. While Chris found himself gaining lots of weight during the same time, he used his knowledge of food and health to safely lose over 45 pounds within one year. 

They both credit diet as a major contributing factor to their increasing health and wellness. The couple firmly believes that the main function of consuming food is to fuel and energize the body. A diet comprised of high-quality, healthy ingredients enhances the body & mind's ability to create a state of greater vitality regardless of age.

Whether you are taking your first step into healthy organic eating or are a seasoned veteran, Organic Awakening will provide you with nutrient-dense, delicious tasting foods.

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