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I honestly couldn’t believe the quality of the produce. It is incredible! I don’t know how you got such perfect organic produce! 
Thank you so much!
February 28, 2019

Everything was great arrived cold crisp fresh and yummy....
I saved the packaging for next delivery- well done!!!
December 30, 2018

Thank you for being one of the best things about my day to day food life :) -Joanne
October 13, 2018

I am so pleased! The whole process was super smooth and easy and it all arrived perfectly. I’ve already made five recipes with my veggie goodies! Thank you for offering this wonderful service! :)
April 25, 2018

I love everything and you always have the BEST apples! -Melanie
January 27, 2018

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how happy I am with your service! I’ve always loved veggies and fruit but had fallen into a rut. With your service, I am enjoying making dishes I never would have made - sautéed cabbage, spaghetti squash alio olio, kale salads, etc. also loving all the varieties of apples and oranges. And last week’s bananas were the tastiest that I’ve had in years! -Peggy
January 24, 2018

Received my first box and it was wonderful! The blackberries were the best I have ever had and the quality and taste of the other fruits and veggies were top notch. Thx for providing this service! -Robin
January 6, 2018

The rainbow carrots I received today were the most beautiful produce I have ever seen!  I love them.  I can't wait to serve them to extended family for Thanksgiving dinner. -Crystal
November 24, 2017

I am LOVING your company! Thank you!! -Michele
September 21, 2017

I love my boxes! I especially love that I can get extra items. Your variety and quality are wonderful. I'm so grateful for the home delivery, too.   I've used a few other services like yours before over the years, but White Picket has by far been the best.  Every item I've ever received from you has rocked!!  I want to be your customer always. Thank You!  -Linda
August 24, 2017

Thank you for providing such great produce and delivery. You all are awesome!! -Christina
August 13, 2017

 The variety is incredible. Thank you for the ability to Substitute!! We are so Grateful for all you have added to our family!! -Lori
August 4, 2017

I love your produce, can't wait or my next delivery! -Maureen
July 29, 2017

Thanks for taking such care with the produce and chicken. I was not home at the time of delivery. It was 5:30 before I was home. You used 3 ice blocks. Everything was icy cold and the chicken was frozen solid. The blocks will be returned next delivery!  -Alice
July 12, 2017

I think your company is fantastic!
I subscribed for a few reasons: I wanted to eat more organic produce, I didn't want to go to the Farmer's Market every Saturday, and I needed help remembering to follow through with eating it up. 
Plenty of it went to waste in the beginning. But through this subscription, we learned how to make Butternut squash soup and Potato Leek soup from scratch and I learned how to roast root vegetables. We learned purple kohlrabi kinda tastes like broccoli stalks. We learned eggs from Grove Ladder Farms are the BEST! My husband and I were eating more fruits and vegetables because they were already in the kitchen. We were cooking more. 
I think your service is fantastic, and I would recommend it to anyone who is having trouble just eating enough produce or needs help shopping for it. 
Thank you for years (has it been years??) of wonderful customer service and veggies. It's been transformational. 
June 20, 2017

Love the beef add-on option for my husband! I also love the free coffee cup I got in my order a few months back. I use it almost every day! :) -Jill
May 25, 2017

 I am so happy with my White Picket deliveries and I have referred to several of my friends and wrote a great review on Yelp. I love supporting such great local businesses with great product and wonderful customer service. Thank you. -Jody
March 24, 2017

I am so absolutely delighted with the produce that I received today!!! I dove right into the fruit. The plums were just perfect. Everything was so fresh. I see my relationship with White Picket Produce being long and....wait for it....fruitful.  -Mary
March 8, 2017

Just wanted to wait and receive a couple of boxes before I commented. I just wanted to say the fruit and vegetables are beyond perfect. Wonderful variety and a great value. No shopping and front door delivery...... With my busy schedule, could I ask for more? I look forward to receiving my box each week. Thank you! -Excellent Customer!
February 23, 2017

Excellent online ordering. 
Excellent choices.
Excellent subs.
Excellent delivery. 
February 15, 2017

Thank you so much y'all did amazing. Love the fresh produce and especially enjoy the variety and the fact that it is delivered to my door. I look forward to my delivery next week. -Robyn
February 14, 2017

The box was fantastic and those potatoes were the best potatoes I have ever had!! -Chelsea
February 12, 2017

Loved getting my first veggie/fruit box. Everything looks outstanding!
Thank you so much!
January 12, 2017

Everything was awesome! We are enjoying it all and looking forward to our next box. I also appreciated the text message from Daniel letting me know that my box was delivered. 
January 4, 2017

Thanks Sharyn -- you run a great business and I enjoy all the goodies. -Marcy
December 6, 2016

Thank you for the personal note today! I have been meaning to let you know how happy I am with everything about white picket, and thank YOU for delivering exceptional quality produce to my family. We have been certainly eating healthier, drinking more smoothies, and my kids are trying veggies they never have before!Hope to stay a long term customer! -Zsofia
October 8, 2016

I am so excited and love that you are doing this - paying it forward, keeping the planet alive, eating healthy - all about whatever we can do and really need to change my life so hoping this is the first step. -Yvonne
September 9, 2016

I'm excited to try our first box! Brought it home yesterday and my 2 year old was so excited because she thought I brought home a present for her. She opened it and took out each item and we talked about what kind of fruit or vegetable it was. Then I decided to prep a crockpot meal using the kale for today. -Theresa
September 7, 2016

We value you, your service and your response time so much!!  Our lives have changed for the better since we found you!! Keep up this very important and GREAT work!!  Good no GREAT job!!! -Lori
August 25, 2016

Just want to say thank you for another box of perfection! This is seriously the best thing for our busy little family. I'm loving all the fresh fruit and veggies that are organic and safe for my 11 month old to eat! Because you I having been trying new things and she is being introduced to so many great and healthy foods! -Jennifer
August 3, 2016

My box had the best apples and nectarines I have ever had in my life!!! DELICIOUS!!!  Thank you for this wonderful company.  It makes eating healthy so much easier. :)
July 23, 2016

Hi Sharyn! Just letting you know I'm extremely satisfied with my first box! I've planned my meals around the produce and fruits I received, and the quality of everything is amazing! Can't wait for the next delivery!  -Annie
July 15, 2016

My husband and I are EXTEMELY PLEASED with the shipment we received yesterday!  The delivery person was early, professional & friendly.  The box was clean, neatly packed and full of beautiful, excellent quality produce!  The condition of the produce was far superior than what I find in local supermarkets.  Thank you for creating this business, you have acquired a long term customer here! -Nancy
First Delivery! , July 6, 2016

Love all my produce and so does my kids. Tuesday has become our new favorite day. And I feel so much better that they have fresh healthy snacks to choose from now. -Lianna
July 3, 2016

 I am absolutely LOVING getting the majority of my produce this way. I love how much I can customize it and how amazing everything tastes.  -Cori
July 3, 2016

We all make mistakes. How we handle those mistakes shows our true character and genuine intentions. Today we got our produce pack from White Picket Produce and yes there was a mistake. However, once they were notified, we were met with pleasant apologies, constant updates and above and beyond solutions. Impressed with this company, with its business ethics and its integrity. Thanks White Picket for giving my family great produce every week! -Courtney
June 29, 2016

As always, thanks for all that you do!  Having this service really has made a difference in my life on both the quality and convenience fronts!  I eat better because of you. -Jahqui
June 23, 2016

Everything was super! Better than expected. Daniel texted me after he dropped my box to let me know. I was at Pure Barre of course :) 
I came home and unwrapped and stored everything as per your "How To". So far so good. We've been through much of the fruit already and today I look forward to cooking up a healthy meal for dinner using these fabulous veggies. 
You're running a great business - positivity at its best :) Thanks so much for all of your notes (email and in box). 
June 16, 2016

I was at my friend's house today when she received her first box of produce. I was so impressed with the quality that I came right home and signed up. I am so excited to get my first box. Thanks! -Cori
June 14, 2016

Great customer service - all is as described, fresh, and accommodating to different preferences. Thank you!  -Stef
June 2, 2016

I made one of the most amazing dinners last night using ingredients almost exclusively from you!! I made a smoked bison hash with purple potatoes, white potatoes, mustard greens, onions, parsley, and an egg to top it off. The only ingredients not from you were the eggs and olive oil. My husband said it was the best dinner I've ever made. The mustard greens were delicious, we had never eaten those before. 
Thank you for all you do!
-Mary K
Standard , May 31, 2016

LOVED my first box.  I have never had or been able to find watermelon radishes before and I was so excited to finally try them (delicious!)  Really glad I heard about White PIcket and can't wait until the next box!
Thanks for everything you do!
May 18, 2016

Thanks! The box was awesome! I am so excited about receiving this shipment every other week!  -April
May 18, 2016

Thank you for your integrity  :-)! -Suzi
May 17, 2016

Thank you for all your help and going to the farmers market so we don't have to but can still eat like we do... My son loves the purple sweet potatoes that you find us, I think they are his favorite food and look great in pictures :) At 10 months old and with your help, I have been able to make sure that he has only had fresh organic & new fruits & vegetables every day, Thank you!!! -Jodanna
May 12, 2016

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your items & service, I've handed out MANY fliers!! Happy Monday! :-) -Maureen N.
May 9, 2016

Today was the first time for our White Picket Produce delivery. We were so delighted with all the goodies in the box.  We couldn’t resist the blood orange so we had it right away and it was delicious and juicy. 
Had egg plant and lettuce for dinner and they were very fresh.
For a brand new couple in Sarasota, this is a great thing so that we won’t stress to look for the farmers market!
Thank you very much.  Looking forward to the next delivery!
Standard , April 6, 2016

The bananas were the biggest I've ever seen! And the romaine lettuce bunch is gigantic. My fruit bowl is over flowing and my veggie drawer in my fridge is not big enoug -Lisa M
Standard , March 22, 2016

My box of goodies from White Picket Produce! Fresh Organic Strawberries, Romaine, Baby Broccoli, Multi-colored Carrots, Bananas, Oranges, Radishes, Apples, Potatoes, Onion...Can't say enough about this organization! They have the absolute BEST PRODUCE!! Thank You ‪#‎WhitePicketProduce‬! heart emoticon Delicious heart emoticon -Linda
Standard , March 22, 2016

I loved my shipment of fresh fruits and veggies. I've never had such a crisp sweet apple like the one I had yest. Very pleased.  My family and I are looking forward to our next delivery! -Gina
Standard , March 10, 2016

I Love Love Love all this fresh organic produce! I look forward to each delivery and enjoy everything I have ever gotten! Delicious and nutritious!! Can't beat it! Thank You White Picket Produce <3 -Lori C
Standard , March 5, 2016

Thanks so much, Sharyn! Yesterday's box looked so delicious…can't wait to eat my way through it! -Cathy
Standard , March 2, 2016

I love getting my weekly box of organic produce delivered to my door. It's always super fresh and delicious. I'm officially hooked:) Thank you, Sharyn! -Lienna M.
Standard , February 13, 2016

I can't say enough great things about White Picket Produce. I was a little hesitant at first wondering if I would like/use all the produce chosen for me that week. The great thing about WPP is that everything is incredibly customizable. You can choose the frequency you receive the delivery, the produce you love/don't love so they are aware of your preference and make substitutions/additions to your box. I chose the standard box (a combo of fruits, veggies and herbs). On the Thursday before my delivery, I received a note that my produce had been chosen, I was given three full days to make any substitutions or additions to my order. I loved this feature. I was excited to try new produce but also wanted to include things I enjoy and eat frequently. My box was a great mix of new and familiar produce. Once delivered, my box stayed cold on my desk for 6 hours before I made it home. All my produce was fresh and nicely packaged. I am very happy with my first delivery and look forward to many more. -Katelynn
Standard , February 10, 2016

Thank you for the amazing veggies and fruit! My family had the best salad tonight that we've ever eaten. Thanks so much!!! -Amanda
Standard , February 4, 2016

Everything looks good....my first order (this week) is enough for a week's worth of fruit and veggies for me. I like the choice of add-ons to the order.  -Sylvia
Standard , January 28, 2016

I was very excited to see my produce that was delivered on Wednesday.  It was so much fun seeing the different items you picked for my first box.  I decided to try the butternut squash last night and I made some delicious butternut squash soup.  I couldn’t believe the difference between the organic squash versus what I have purchased from the store.  Yours was much more orange, full of flavor and sweet.  It made my soup taste better than ever.
I will be trying the red baby bok choy tonight as well as some of the salad items. 
I have been wanting to find a company that would deliver groceries in town for quite some time.  Hopefully this will help me eat much healthier now that I will always have fresh fruit and vegetables on hand.
I look forward to trying some new items next week, such as the Romanesco Cauliflower!!
Standard , January 24, 2016

THANKS as everything about your company is top notch!  Every item was FANTASTIC!!  THANKS!!!!!!!!  -Therese
Standard , January 17, 2016

I just want to thank you for the amazingly beautiful little lettuce bundles I have received for the past couple of deliveries. What glorious salads they have been providing. Hope they keep showing up when available! -Carol F.
Standard , January 7, 2016

Received my 1st order today - Just in time for lunch. One head of lettuce, one red onion and one tomato never got put away. Yum they were delicious and just as beautiful as those gorgeous pictures.

December 7, 2015

It was so nice to have awesome produce delivered! Directions were explained thoroughly and everything looks great! I was very excited to try out your services! Thank you!
December 3, 2015

I wanted to share with you my first experience with White Picket delivery.
I stepped out to run a quick errand and while out received a friendly text that my delivery arrived.
After getting home, I set things out on the counter. Left for the gym and cane home to find my dog had enjoyed the large purple sweet potato! This isn't something she typically does. I was looking forward to trying it, so I hope you have them in future baskets.
Bailey says thank you! She ate the whole thing! Haha.Thanks for this service!  I look forward to enjoying what's left!
I'll be sure to spread the word. 
December 3, 2015

Thank you for the surprise "shout out" gift in my order today! That was really sweet. smile emoticon It's late for Thanksgiving, but I am so grateful this is a thing that exists (the convenience, the quality of the vegetables and the variety/exposure to new stuff) that I really can't stop telling everyone about it. It's such a great idea and I want it to be around forever! -Jahqui
Standard , December 2, 2015

I purchased the turkey to cut up, stick in my freezer and use for many meals to come.  Well, I'm used to the store bought most everybody else buys where the joints are easily popped and marsh mellow type meat.  My organic turkey was strong and thick boned with tight joints.  What a difference!!!!!  Can't wait to cook a piece.  I've noticed WPF fruits are smaller than what we get at the store and have a lot of seeds.  The taste is so much better when organic.  ​Thank you for doing such a good job brining us the best of fruits, veggies and of course "turkey"!!!
                                                Linda B
-Linda B.
Standard , November 25, 2015

Just want to say you guys have been doing a great job with your service. Opening my veggie box is the highlight of my week! 
-Lisa L.
Standard , November 21, 2015

It was great! Loved coming hime to all that beautiful produce. Appreciated the text when it was dropped of as well. Great job! -Michelle
Standard , November 20, 2015

Super excited for my first white picket delivery! Organic produce at my door for a great price? Yes please!  -Lindsey
Standard , November 18, 2015

Love your service and gorgeous organic treats!! -Lisa H.
Standard , November 14, 2015

September 9, 2015
I have used White Picket’s produce to make stuffed portobello mushrooms. The produce is so beautifully fresh and delicious, you can’t go wrong!! I topped each stuffed mushroom with an egg and baked them.wow!!
-Jessica M.
Standard , October 15, 2015

I just have to say that this was the most fun I have had signing up for something. The precious sense of humor woven throughout the process was delightful!! Can't wait for my first box of goodies! -Carol
Sign Up Process , October 13, 2015

 I am SO happy with my exceptionally fresh produce and fast, friendly service... I just had to share. I ordered my first White Picket Produce box on a whim and honestly figured I'd cancel it. I have to go to the store anyway for meat and staples, so surely it was a waste to also get veggies and fruit delivered to me... A luxury I surely couldn't afford... Well I couldn't have been more wrong and months later, I'm still SO happy I joined. It has changed the way I plan my meals, in a very good way. I now plan around what produce I'll be getting in my box. Not only that, but I've tried fruits and veggies (organic!) which I would never have bought on my own at the store (she tries to include a leafy green, some familiar items and some not-so-familiar to most of us items.) Plus I feel guilty if I let any of it go bad, so I find I'm basically forcing myself to eat more fruits and veggies which is great! I can live off meats from my freezer if there aren't any good deals at the store that week and know I have fresh veggies without having to make time to stop at the store. Plus they really do last a long time. I love the added feature of being to add additional produce too. For instance if my box says I'm getting two apples, I will often add more, because they last a long time and make a great snack. One time I was getting peaches and added more to my order so I could make a pie that week. There's an awesome preferences feature too where there's a lonnnnng list of veggies (and one for fruits too) and you can change from "cool with it" to "don't like it". I love that because you have from Friday Sunday to make any substitutions to your box if you don't want something. Well if I forget to substitute, at least I know I'm not getting anything from my " don't like it" list. One of the best things is that I like that I'm supporting a local business owner... And she supports other local businesses by allowing you to add their wares to your delivery box too! For instance, I can add Bradenton Honey, Sarafresh juice, and local eggs to my order (which I've done twice and the yolks have been that super-healthy chicken color, with almost the orangey tint and stand up nice and tall when you crack them). Thanks for reading the long winded review... I didn't realize how much I love the company until I started writing it all down!

-Catherine H.
Standard , October 12, 2015

White Picket Produce is amazing! The quality of the produce is second to none. The flexibility in what you can order and the diversity of produce offered each week is incredible. I used to think what I purchased in the store was good until I came across White Picket's TOP QUALITY produce. It is like a party in my mouth - it tastes that good. White Picket is professional, has a wonderful personal touch in their email communications, and ensures the customer is happy with their delivery before billing! I would highly recommend this company. We have used them for two worksite wellness programs and the employees are so happy with the process and produce. - Kristi Bracewell, Owner, totasola wellness, LLC -Kristi B.
Standard , October 11, 2015

September 2015
Wonderful new addition to the area! Fresh, healthy delicious organic produce DELIVERED to you door! I've been waiting for this for a long time and am not disappointed..look forward to delivery day as the best day of the week! Grateful to you White Picket Produce…keep it up!
-Jeanne D.
Standard , October 11, 2015

September 9, 2015
We have been getting a large box of produce from White Picket every week for the past 2 or 3 months. Not only is the produce beautiful and fresh each week, it is of course certified organic as well. White Picket Produce saves me time so I don't have to shop as often. We have been very happy with the selections each week and if there is something we don't think we'll eat, it is very easy to make substitutions. Sharyn always answers my messages and emails right away. In addition, we have moved around a few times due to a home sale, and Sharyn has always been happy to find us and deliver our box wherever we are.
-Martha H
Large , October 11, 2015

 July 28, 2015
I am SO impressed with not only the TASTE of your produce, but how much longer it stays fresh! Not to compare you t the big "P" market, but I used to get organic there and it would be limp in two days---or less! thank you for the hours you take to get it right for all of us! Anna
Standard , October 11, 2015

August 14,2015
-- the sweet potatoes were the best!!!, the corn was sooooooo sweet and delicious, the orange was the sweetest I have had in years, the carrots were yummy and the Gold Kiwi was to die for, the cucumber actually had a flavor and I enjoyed munching on it and the carrots together, the avocado and the plouts were good too. 
Maureen K
Standard , October 11, 2015

August 20, 2015
Thank you.  Delivery arrived just in time for lunch!  Produce looks picture perfect and the packaging is amazing.
Pat A.
-Pat A
Large , October 11, 2015

September 1, 2015
I am still working on last week’s produce. I love how long it lasts. I find that to be a huge difference compare to regular store-bought produce.
-Kristi B.
Standard , October 11, 2015

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything I have gotten from you! This is such a great organization you have! I am getting so spoiled with your delicious produce! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! :) Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you & all you're doing! Have a great weekend! -Lori
Standard , October 11, 2015

My veggies look so good today—washed and ate one potato RAW as I unpacked! -Anna R.
Standard , October 11, 2015

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